C. Tangana: “In Spain, nationalisms will use the pain of the people to become stronger”

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He has made songs heard a hundred million times and has established himself as the icon of two generations of young people. The madrileo turns 30 and begins a new stage

C. Tangana.

C. Tanganaturns 30 in July. Nobody likes to turn 30. And C. Tangana less an. So you can apologize that it took you more than a year to accept it and, above all, to see how you could adapt to the certainty that you are getting older. Being an iconmillennialwho has managed to connect two generations of young people with songs heard a hundred million times delays annoying questions such as: What do I want to be when I grow up?

So he has reached the crisis of the 30s with his homework done. You have drawn your conclusions. You have measured your capabilities.Has established new strategies.

In the movieParasitesthere is a scene in which everything begins to break. Isthe key momentthat has any fiction story. The father asks the son with a seriousness that he had never shown before: “Do you know what kind of plan never fails?” The son holds his breath. “The plan that never fails is to have no plan.” Another silence. “Life never works that way.”

C. Tangana always had a plan. It is something that not everyone understands, and that’s why nothing happens if it has to be repeated. C. Tangana always had a plan. It is true that he went through life with a Clark Gable mustache singing about crying in limo and having gel nail scars, but it is not a botarate. Not much, at least. Well, maybe a little, but that was also part of the plan.

His plan resembles Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s definition of superior intelligence, anotherchronicler of a disappointed youth, cynical and hedonistic– The ability to hold two opposing views at the same time and still retain the ability to function.

Two songs published in the last weeks start theirnew creative stage, a new phase in a career that began as C. Tangana in 2015, when he adapted his restless rap to Latin trends, trapping the consecration of urban music as new pop and creating some of generational hymns such asBad woman,Crying in the slime,Booty,I shouldn’t kiss youorBefore i diedtogether with Rosala, then his romantic partner (he is also co-author of part of the albumEvil wanting, includedBadly).Two new songs, we say:I am never, a self-portrait of her miseries from the point of view of an abandoned girlfriend and with some phrases taken from songs by Rosario and Alejandro Sanz (her first number 1 on the Spanish Spotify list); andGuille assassin, which represents the miseries of that selfish and possessive boyfriend from the man’s point of view.

The madrileo is inMadrid. He has returned home (“home”) after two years touring America from top to bottom with success at his heels. Talk quietly on the phone.

How does turning 30 make you feel?
I have passed the typical crisis, you start to wonder if at 40 you want to be singing reggaeton on a stage, if you want to rap the lyrics that you did before, if you want to make yourself more boring and give them deep and stop moving people, yes you want, I don’t know, to stop empathizing with young people and start talking to older people, who have less incentive, who are not sofreshand does not accept changes. You are overwhelmed by those kinds of questions about what you are going to do with your life. But spending two years has helped me plant myself prepared now. I have come to the moment with clear ideas about what I want to do from here on out. I see it as a change of work, I see the 30 as a new stage in which I can do better things.
With the pandemic and the confinement, is different music made? Change the starting point completely or do you try not to affect it?
Yes, of course it affects me, in fact I try to affect it, I want to get involved with what I feel and what is happening in the world. One of the reasons we have takenI am neverAs an important single in my career it was because I thought I was up to the challenge. Sometimes people think I do things for marketing, partly because at first I said that so that it was understood that I was not a fool who knew nothing, but that I could really enter the industry, but then that idea has become become too associated with me. People always talk about marketing, but I see myself as an artist who is stuck to his time, who is more insightful, but not to take advantage of it economically but because artists must talk about their time and be in the present time.
You talk about trying to make this situation affect you and recently you wrote on Twitter “I see this generation making us strong, denying any kind of sensitivity”.
The values ​​of using emotions in a cold way or the things we say in songs or that we sing in clubs, the movies we watch, the type of person we want to be, is someone non-emotional, or if he is, he is in a frivolous way. In my generation we make super frivolous use of emotions and we are used to repeating to ourselves that we do not fall in love, that we do not care for another, that we only think of ourselves. And look at us now, we are all locked up at home, wanting to see each other, applauding each other, it makes me want to say to my generation, “Mother, you are doing nothing but the idiot.” My generation is going to be smarter after all this, let’s get rid of nonsense.

My generation is going to be smarter after all this, let’s get rid of nonsense

The trend towards individualism, which has increased for decades, has now been reversed. Selfish attitudes have never been so frowned upon in this situation in which solidarity and collective effort are called for.
It depends on how you understand individualism. If you understand it as an ultimate stronghold of the individual and that what is required now is the commitment of the individual, in reality it has more value than ever because the State cannot take care of everyone as a community. The State asks us to respect the new rules, and what we are achieving we do as the sum of what each one in particular is doing. Right now the individual is more important than ever because there are not enough police to watch over each one. It is trusted that each of us will do what he has to do …
What is morally correct.
What will be good behavior. I think it is a good time to rethink what it is to be an individual and what is the action that transcends the social, if it is the action of a State or the sum that each individual does. This applied to society and decision-making seems obvious to me, it is more interesting that there is only one person making the decisions, which is also a lie, normally it is the sum of all the particular decisions we all make that tells us what we are, and that is what is happening now.
What makes you think of the concept of ‘new normality’?
It scares me very much. It makes me think of a movie in a dystopian future where we are all controlled. Sometimes you feel the fear and worry of the whole situation, and you want to give your support to all the people who are fighting and you feel that we are doing something real for the community, and you want to behave well and be within what is there. what to do. But it is also true that I had never been afraid to go out, that the police would stop me because the State had said so. Everyone, if he is a little honest with himself, is torn between those two feelings: either we live in a scary movie in which we are absolutely controlled or we are heroes for everything we are achieving. The term new normality goes more for the horror movie.
Are these concerns going to be appreciated in your new songs?
Yes, next week I am going to release a completely weird EP, like the times we are living in, which speaks to other perspectives and points of view. It has four songs that are four rarities. For me it is very special.
‘I am never’ has been an instant success. You wrote on Twitter: “It’s giving me more joy than the sadness I had.” What sadnesses did you have?
Well it’s a sad song. I think it is the first time that, artistically, I recognize my mistakes and sing them, and say things that are like a list of my sins. They are sad things, even if it suits me to say them.
It is the portrait of a carefree boy, lively and selfish. So were you before or in part still are?
I always try to make the particular something general. These are things that have been said to me, that may be more or less true, and that I translate into something that can be in a song and become part of the culture of the whole world and that people sing. There’s always a little bit of fiction about that.

I have done many things that have helped and favored the position of women

People always say that I’m marketing, but I see myself as an artist stuck to his time

Urban music is still the pop of this generation, the real voice of youth?
Culturally, I think that is where everything is understood. Clothes, aesthetics … everything. And in music in particular it is where everything new comes out. Urban music is popular music from all over the world now and it will take a long time for there to be a new paradigm that does not owe much to that, which comes mainly from hip hop, when it becomes the predominant music of the United States and everyone tries to appropriate that culture by combining it with pop.
What have you learned from your experience in the Latin market?
What I have learned the most is to want to have a point of view of my own, not to have a perspective that anyone could have, but a unique perspective. The farther I go from the place where I started, the more I want to claim my origin. I like what ca, I like to feel madrileo, I like to talk to himex thatI like to have my own perspective from which I can do things that others cannot.
One of the consequences of the pandemic has been a reinforcement of nationalist sentiment and state power. What do you think of that?
It scares me. In general I am afraid that all crises are exploited by power structures to become stronger and implant some ideas that otherwise could not. The worst of the crises at the political level is what happens next, how the world is configured from there. That is more dangerous than the crisis itself. And on the rise of nationalisms, in Spain they will try to use the pain of the people to become stronger, as they almost always do. Nationalism is a romantic feeling and lives on emotions. They will use the pain of illness and the panic of confinement and crisis to seize power for the hearts of the people. I feel it is dangerous. How we get out of this is going to be critical, not just Spain.
You say “they will use”. Who are you thinking about?
In any politician who uses people’s feelings towards their community to gain more power. All of them, instead of talking about how to manage a country or about certain values, dedicate themselves to using feelings such as disappointment, despair, the pain of loss and fear of the future to put a flag ahead of them and say “look, this is what you think, now give me the power and we will crush the other. ” This can be done with a lot of flags and slogans, but in general they are usually nationalistic.
What is your opinion of Spanish politics?
I think it would be an interesting time for there to be some sense that we are all together, but, well, that is already a fiction in Spain, we will never see that the whole Parliament agrees on certain things and that it is heading towards one point because it is good for everyone, as in the current situation. It would be so necessary that they sit down to make a series of joint decisions and that we disseminate the feeling at the international level that we are a politically responsible country and not a lot of people trying to keep their job for four more years.

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