Cabanisation in l'Hérault : a destroyed home in Agde

Cabanisation in l'Hérault : a destroyed home in Agde


U twenty court decisions calling for the destruction of real property should be implemented in the coming months in the Hérault department in the fight against the cabanisation.

“The State, in pursuance of a decision of justice, has conducted this November 17, the demolition of office to an illegal construction in wood of 30 m2 which was built in Agde in the natural area and flood plain, ” explains Xavier Eudes of the prefecture of the Hérault, and who supervised the demolition site. In addition, this house was built without permission and in violation of the PLU of the commune. Before the inaction of the owner, and despite numerous warnings, the State has decided to replace him.”

The project commenced in the morning under the supervision of the police, and headed by a representative of the departmental directorate for territories and sea (DDTM) in the department of Hérault.

A penalty consequent

The set in question, who remains on’agde, shall pay a penalty of 15 € per day of delay from the date of recognition of the non-enforcement of the judgment by the state services (Judgement date in the month of April 2012 be confirmed in the month of July of the same year, editor’s NOTE) the demolition of the dwelling illegal.

It must also pay the costs of the procedure and the deconstruction of this secondary residence in the wood. It will be the responsibility of the care of the house all of the objects that have been evacuated from the building and are now in the open air.

judgments in the course of execution

This new demolition, following those which took place lately at Vias illustrates the strong commitment of institutions against the illegal constructions. “The state should enforce the planning rules and risk prevention to preserve natural sites, and to punish infringements of the landscape or the environment in the Hérault.”

This Friday, the family was aware that she was appealing this court decision that had imposed the destruction of the hut in the wood. Always in the months to come, and always within the framework of the fight against the cabanisation in the department of Hérault, a twenty court decisions calling for the destruction of property should be executed.

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