Cabello lashes out at Carlos Baute for his concerts in Venezuela

Hair Carlos Baute

God given hair, first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) attacked this Wednesday night against the singer Carlos Baute, who announced that he will perform again in Venezuela after 12 years of absence.

In the With the mallet givingbroadcast by the Venezolana de Televisión (VTV) signal, Cabello referred on the return of Carlos Baute next November 26 and 27. The concerts will take place first in the Plaza Real Hall of the Eurobuilding Hotel and, the following day, in Valencia, at the Hesperia WTC Hotel.

«What has changed, Carlos Baute? Why don’t you feel threatened now? He says that they threatened him at the airport, the man who was driving the wheelbarrow told him: pay in full. And he felt threatened. Then he, twelve years later, It seems that the threat has passed»Cabello commented on her show.

Both presentations by Carlos Baute are part of his tour Hanging on your hands which has led him to tour other Latin American countries and Spain.

«I am going to tell you something, gentlemen opponents, these are people who are disposable because of their opinions, has no record of anything. When they put them like this between their principles and silver, there is nothing to compare. Where do you think Carlos Baute is going to grab? For silver. The bug is gone and now he comes to Venezuela to look for money, who is he hurting? To the government? To the revolution? It hurts him and you who believed in him,” said Cabello.

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The leader has also recently attacked other artists who wanted to perform in the country. Among them, Juanes, whom he called immoral after the harsh criticism he made several times to Nicolás Maduro. The Colombian decided to cancel his show in Caracas. He also labeled as immoral Luis Fonsi and Olga Tañón.

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