Cabinet increases subsidy pot for electric trucks this year – IT Pro – News

The cabinet is going to increase the subsidy pot for the purchase of clean trucks this year. The subsidy budget for clean construction machines will also be increased. As a result, the subsidy budget will be reduced in the coming years.

The cabinet is increasing the subsidy budget for electric or hydrogen trucks for this year by 11.5 million euros. Initially, a budget of 13.5 million euros had already been set aside for this. Since 9 May, entrepreneurs have been able to claim that budget for the purchase of electric or hydrogen trucks. The first 13.5 million euros ran out within a day, because there was a lot of interest.

In total, the budget for this year is therefore 25 million euros. This means 450 new clean trucks should appear on the road this year. According to the cabinet, that is a threefold increase from the current number. With the extra budget, the cabinet will only assess proposals that have already been submitted by entrepreneurs in May. It will not be possible to submit new applications.

The subsidy budget for construction machines that run electrically or on hydrogen will also be increased for this year. Initially 8.3 million euros was earmarked for this, but that budget will be increased for this year by 22.2 million euros extra. That budget can be used for the purchase of new electric or hydrogen construction vehicles, but also for ‘conversion of existing machines that run on diesel’.

With the extra subsidies for this year, the cabinet is pushing forward its subsidy plans for sustainable trucks and construction machinery. Because the cabinet is releasing extra subsidy this year, the subsidy budget for the coming years will be lower. State Secretary Heijnen of Infrastructure and Water Management is investigating options for further supplementing the budget for electric trucks, something the House of Representatives also wants. With regard to the subsidy pot for construction machinery, it is also monitored whether there is sufficient budget in the coming years.