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Cabinet: no additional measures, infections stabilize

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There will be no additional measures to combat the coronavirus for the time being. On the advice of the OMT, the cabinet sees no reason to do so, said outgoing Prime Minister Rutte after the weekly consultation with the most involved ministers. “I may be here next week with a very different story, but I sincerely hope not.”

Minister De Jonge of VWS said that the number of new positive tests is still too high, but is stabilizing. “They don’t rise anymore.” According to him, about 9,000 infections have been detected today, which is slightly less than in recent days.

De Jonge pointed out that the high number of new positive tests has not yet led to a large increase in patients in hospitals. “Let’s keep it that way.” According to him, it proves that vaccination works. This makes people less sick.

According to De Jonge, the figures also show that vaccination works against infection: “We see that 85 percent of the people who now have a positive test are unvaccinated people.”

Quarter of fresh air through the house

In last week’s corona debate, Prime Minister Rutte already announced that working from home will become the norm again. As of today, that is indeed the case. “Everyone works at home, unless there really is no other option,” Rutte said. Earlier, the cabinet let go of that advice, thereby going against the OMT.

Rutte also emphasized the importance of good ventilation in indoor spaces to prevent the virus from spreading. “Every day at least 15 minutes of fresh air through the house.” According to him, this also applies to schools, shops and the catering industry. The advice is added to the basic rules, such as washing hands and keeping one and a half meters away.

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Parties such as the PVV have been pressing for good ventilation since the start of the corona crisis. Rutte said that the cabinet has always been convinced of the usefulness of ventilation, but that it has so far been insufficiently emphasized in communication. That is why a pictogram about ventilation is added to the signs on the lecterns of Rutte and De Jonge during the press conferences.

Rutte about the cabinet position on ventilation:

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