Cabinet relaxes corona rules in childcare

The press conference of Prime Minister Rutte and VWS Minister De Jonge on September 14 made it clear that the quarantine policy for childcare and education is changing. In the event of a single infection in a group or class in childcare and primary education, it is no longer mandatory that the entire group or class is quarantined and tested.

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The measure will take effect on August 25.

Industry association BK is satisfied with the adjustment of the measures. “We are relieved that the quarantine rules have been adjusted. It was a very annoying measure for parents and children. Parents had to find solutions quickly and children could no longer go to their trusted childcare.’

Building Immunity

BOinK chairman Gjalt Jellesma has previously indicated that he is in favor of adjusting the measures. According to him, small children are hardly at risk from a corona infection. ‘The moment children become infected but don’t really get sick, they build up immunity. That’s what we want right? The more people are immune through vaccination or through an infection, the more favorable it is, and the youngest children are not yet vaccinated.’

Jellesma calls the quarantine obligation a ‘gross measure’ that is very frustrating for parents. ‘A break is also really bad for the children themselves. That is also the case with holidays and that was also the case with the lockdown. I really hope the quarantine measure is lifted.’

Quarantine hotline

Branch association BK has had a quarantine reporting point on the website for a long time. For example, the BK wants to investigate how feasible the policy is and how many children actually have to be quarantined. According to the latest reports, the number of children going into quarantine is falling.

Bert Bukman