Cabinet unlocks country and thus ‘consciously takes a risk’

How does the health minister view the WHO’s optimism that corona in Europe may be moving “towards a pandemic endgame”? Kuipers thinks it is still too early to speak of that. There is still too much uncertainty. “Everything depends on possible new variants, and how sickening they are.”

That is why not everything can open at the same time, the cabinet says. Opening discotheques and nightlife is really not possible now, says Rutte. And the work-at-home advice and the maximum number of home guests of four will also remain for the time being, even if you would “love to be different”.

Nevertheless, Rutte does not think the criticism that the Netherlands has the heaviest package is justified. He understands that some people experience it that way, but in other countries there is, for example, the much heavier 2G policy to get in somewhere, he emphasizes.

Kuipers emphasized that corona tickets can be effective: