Cable TV leaders moved more than $1.9 billion in fiscal year 2021

With the stronger return to face-to-face and less time at home, during 2021, capturing the attention of the public became a greater challenge for television companiess, which represented better or worse operating results.

As reported by the Superintendence of Companies, last year this sector was led (in terms of income) by Caracol Television, which reached $877,481 million, the amount increased 35.69% versus the year of the pandemic and more than $76 million were profits. The company also registered an Ebitda of $137,778 million and a variation in equity of 13.09%.

The Walt Disney Company Colombia ranks second in the consolidated with revenues of $575,710 million during 2021 and an increase of more than 150% compared to 2020.

The net income of the Mickey Mouse house reached $30,877 million and the estate closed at $36,275 for 2021.

The top three in the sector was closed by RCN Televisión with a total of $473,199 operating income during the past year, according to Supersociedades, the figure would have grown 30.56% compared to that reached in 2020.

The exercise of the year left losses for $21,953 million with a contraction close to 71.3%. And the equity was $271,855 million.