CAF approved a loan for US $ 500 million for the digital transformation of the Colombian State

The Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) approved a US $ 500 million loan to Colombia to advance the digital transformation of the State, as well as to promote economic reactivation, offer quality digital public services and take advantage of data and artificial intelligence to improve public policies.

Specifically, the loan will go to the State’s Digital Transformation Support Program for reactivation and has six strategic objectives.

In the first place, it seeks to reduce the barriers that prevent the incorporation of digital technologies in public entities in the country. This, through the development of conditions that allow digital innovation in the public sector.

Likewise, it seeks to generate economic and social value through new processes and products associated with the use of technology.

As a third purpose, it is intended to articulate the interventions in digital transformation in the different entities of the State, which would guarantee a comprehensive vision and an articulated process.

It will also seek to promote the development of data governance and artificial intelligence due to its role as an accelerator of digital transformation.

The loan also seeks to strengthen the institutional framework and develop capacities to support the reactivation of Colombia.

“This loan implies support for the progress that the Colombian government has made in recent years in terms of digital transformation. The funds will help accelerate the state’s digital modernization, economic recovery and further streamline the country’s public management, ”said Renny Alberto López, Acting Executive President of CAF.



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