Cain: “Back” field will achieve self-sufficiency of gas by the end of 2018


Minister of Trade and Industry Eng. Tareq Qabeel said that the government has made great efforts in the field of infrastructure, from 2015 to 2017, expanding the road network by more than 5000 km. He pointed out that the discovery of the gas field will contribute to achieving sufficiency Of natural gas by the end of this year. This came in the context of the speech delivered by Dr. Sherine Sabbagh, Head of the Policy and Strategy Unit at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, during a roundtable organized by Oxford Business Group to mark the 15th anniversary of the group’s activity in Egypt. From the Foundation Agreement to the New Suez Canal Project: Fifteen Years of Research on Egypt’s Economic Potential “in the presence of a large number of officials, businessmen and investors. Cabil said that the government has succeeded in increasing the number of tourists coming to Egypt last year to 8.3 million tourists for the first time in several years, despite the recession experienced by the tourism sector in Egypt and the region. He added that the Egyptian economy is in dire need of improving the business environment, pointing out the agreement signed by Egypt with the World Bank to support government funding, which is mainly related to reform of the system of support, job creation, energy saving and promotion of small and medium enterprises. “The Egyptian economy has become more attractive and more open to investment than ever,” he said. “We thank the Oxford Group for its great support of the Egyptian economy over the course of the 15 years.


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