Cairo airport quarantines arrivals from Africa

Cairo airport quarantines arrivals from Africa

– Welcome to all the site visitors today Easily through our website today your way to know the most important and latest news and the largest library of Arab news sources, we offer you news, Cairo airport authorities have announced the signing of a medical screening of passengers from Africa, including Nigeria, Cameroon, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, due to the spread of monkeypox. Emergency at Cairo airport to receive Ethiopian Prime Minister

An official source at the quarantine at the airport said that the Department has received instructions from the Ministry of Health to follow the health status of passengers coming from Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo after the spread of monkeypox disease, a rare viral disease and animal origin and moving from animal to human, Disease from 5 days to 21 days. The source said that the symptoms of the disease are fever, headache, lymph nodes, pain in the back and muscles, and a severe weakness of “loss of energy”, and begins the onset of the disease rash, and that the disease is transmitted by direct contact with the blood of infected animals or their body fluids or skin lesions or Mucous fluids. He pointed out the need for the corresponding passengers coming and crews coming from Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo and measuring the temperature of each passenger coming from this country either on basic flights or private flights or cargo flights directly or indirectly without any exceptions with the health follow-up of the epidemic In the neighboring countries, the suspected cases are transferred to the Fever Hospital. The Preventive Chamber and the General Department of quarantine are notified, and the obligation to cleanse the means of transport in case of suspicion on board, And public health cards for those coming from these countries, including children, are registered and registered on the database, and the General Directorate of Quarantine and its health directorates are informed of the residence to be monitored for 21 days from the date of arrival. We thank you, the Arab visitors, for visiting our website. In case you have any questions regarding this news, Cairo Airport decides to quarantine those coming from Africa. Please let us know or leave a comment below.
Source: The people of Egypt

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