Calamaro, the last romantic – Caretas Entertainment

Calamaro is beyond good and evil. He is the patron saint of those resigned to living in lack of love, of the never complete Veronicas and of honest compulsive mistakes. He is flesh and verb in one verse. But, beyond any metaphysical quality, Calamaro, with two Grammys in tow, is a poet with musical genius, a rarely seen combo, which makes him one of the essential musicians and whom to see live, more than a pleasure, is a duty.

And this time, 25 years after being published High Dirthis most successful solo album —but not the only masterful one, for example: “Honestidad Brutal” and “El Salmón”— returns to Peru to bring his hymns of resigned solitude to all those who need to drink from that cup that is not so broken .

Squid in Cusco.

It started in Arequipa on October 6 and two days later it did the same in Cusco. On the 13th it will be the turn for Trujillo and it will finally close with Lima on Saturday the 15th, marking an interesting decentralized circuit of musical events.

For now, on the Teleticket page it is announced that the preferential zone has sold out. Kandavu Entertainment had to wait two years to finalize Calamaro’s tour in 2020, suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The night of Saturday the 15th will therefore be a night for swimming against the tide and perfect crimes.