Calculated, Indonesian Versus Malaysian Debt, Who Is Bigger?


(Illustration) Calculated, Indonesian versus Malaysian Debt, Who Is Bigger?

GridStar.ID – Some time ago, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani briefly conveyed the public’s opinion regarding state debt.

Because, not a few people who provide negative sentiment towards debt.

“I want to say, sometimes our society is sensitive about debt. In my opinion, it’s not good either. Because if we want to talk about debt policy, we can debate, don’t use hate and use abusive language,” Sri Mulyani said as quoted on Monday (7/20/2020).

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The former Managing Director of the World Bank said, there is no single country in the world that has no debt. Loans are needed to maintain economic growth.

In fact, he compared the debts of Islamic countries.

Then, compared to Malaysia, which is the closest country to Indonesia, which is the biggest amount of debt between the two countries?

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