Calendar of announcements Ryzen for 2018: refreshing in the memory together with AMD

Calendar of announcements Ryzen for 2018: refreshing in the memory
 together with AMD

Most likely, within the next 24 hours we will have new material for creating news about AMD’s plans, as the company holds a question and answer session dedicated to the anniversary of the announcement of the Ryzen 7 processors. True, contrary to the promises, the general director will not answer questions from the audience Lisa Su, and Jim Anderson, who had a hand in preparing the very Ryzen 7 of the first generation for the announcement.
He also talked with representatives of the resource The Street , which allowed “to kill the appetite” in anticipation of a web conference with his participation. First, an important clarification was made regarding AMD’s plans for expansion in the notebook segment. The company really expects to release at least 60 ready systems based on Ryzen processors by partners, but there will be about 40 models of them. And this is also very much, since Anderson does not hide that never before did manufacturers of gaming laptops show such interest in AMD products.

Image source: Hard OCP, AMD
Secondly, AMD is very much looking forward to a rematch in the gaming segment over the processors of Intel Coffee Lake after the release of 12-nm models Ryzen in April this year. They can more aggressively increase the frequency in those conditions when the activity of all the cores is not required. And if analysts predict a 10% increase in performance relative to its predecessors, then in games it can be higher. By the ratio of price and performance, the Pinnacle Ridge processors should outperform the competitor’s offer, as Anderson is convinced.

Image Source: The Street, AMD
In what terms on 12-nm technology mobile AMD processors will switch, the representative of the company did not specify. But he proudly stated that in the American retail, Ryzen Threadripper processors of the first generation keep the market share in 40-50%, competing in a specific segment with Intel Core i9.
As for the graphics solutions of the Navi generation, it was said that they would be “very strong”, and progress in this direction, Anderson is very pleased. On cooperation with Intel, he also did not expand, just noting his satisfaction with the progress achieved in this direction.

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