California: A man survives the attack of one of the largest white sharks in the world

Steve Bruemmer was really lucky to get out of it. The 62-year-old man from Monterey was attacked on June 22 by a great white shark while swimming off Lovers Point in the town of Pacific Grove, California. From the bites, experts have estimated the size of the shark at over 6 meters long, potentially making it one of the largest white sharks in the world!

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Saved by a surfer and two paddlers

A surfer and two paddlers came to rescue the swimmer after hearing his calls for help. Heath Braddock, the surfer, told KRON4 : “He was almost 100 meters away. A lot of tourists are crying wolf and yelling ‘shark!’ But this is rarely the case. It is usually a dauphin. But this guy kept screaming frantically. I saw the pool of blood around him, so I knew it was real.”.

Before continuing : “People on their paddle arrived 10 seconds before me. I told them about a plan I had. I asked Paul to help me put the victim on my bigger board. I pulled on his good arm and they lifted the other arm that had been bitten off. His leg injury was most pronounced, his bone was fully visible. Most of the damage was on his stomach on the front side.”.

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No sequelae

Together they managed to pull Steve Bruemmer to shore, where he received medical attention. “I was in the ambulance thinking I didn’t know if I was going to survive, but at least I could breathehe said in a statement to local news channel KION-TV. Then I don’t remember anything for a while.”

The 62-year-old also explains that doctors told him he had lost “a huge amount of blood”. But the bites he had, on his arms, leg and stomach, did not cause any major injuries. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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It is therefore a small miracle, especially since the shark at the origin of the attack was of an impressive size. It would thus equal the largest known white shark in the world: Deep Blue, a female shark 6.1 meters long, for nearly 2.5 tons.

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