California is still on fire: Caldor Fire unleashes upstate

Extreme drought and vents violent. Effects of global warming anthropogenic. The causes are always the same – plus, too often, human negligence or malice. The consequences too. After the Bootleg Fire, responsible for his own weather last July, and the Dixie Fire, become the second largest fire forest in California history, now the Caldor Fire is unleashed in the north of the state.

The city of South Lake Tahoe, the largest of those bordering Lake Tahoe, had to be evacuated. Nearly 50,000 people have simply abandoned their homes to seek shelter.

About fifteen Forest fires, in total, are still ongoing in the state of California. Already more than double the average area usually burned at this time of the season went up in smoke. More than 7,000 km2. And more than 15,000 firefighters are still engaged in the battle.

Massive fire ravages western United States

Article by Marie Origas published on 07/19/2021

The United States National Meteorological Service had announced it: “A wave of heat dangerous will affect a large part of the western United States, with probable record temperatures ”. Currently, 80 fires cause rage in 13 states across the country and many cities had to be evacuated urgently.

Of all, the ” Bootleg Fire Is one of the most devastating. Since July 6, this one sets fire to the national forest de Fremont-Winema, along the Oregon-California border. Visible from space, it burned over 120,000 hectares in 12 days, the equivalent of the Val d’Oise department.

Scientists have said that the increasing frequency and intensity of these forest fires is due in large part to a drought prolonged, symptomatic of climate change.