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California leads 2018 television production – Diversity

California claimed the bulk of television production in scripts and pilots, as a new FilmLA report on Wednesday showed.

The Agency's 2018 television report revealed that California had 176 out of the 467 series produced between 2017 and 2017 for an industry-leading share of 38%. FilmLA estimates that the economic value of this activity for California was over $ 6.8 billion a year.

The report showed that over the period 2017-1818, TV shows were produced in 57 different countries, spanning 21 US states and 33 countries.

The report also states that the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program, which has $ 330 million in annual loans, has more than 10,000 cast and crew jobs on TV shows.

The FilmLA report showed that in California in 2017 and 18, 65 of the 159 new TV projects were based, with 21 and 44 half-hour series. California's main competitors are the state of New York (with 21 projects) and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia (with 17 projects) and Ontario (with 10 projects).

The report found that competing jurisdictions tend to attract projects of one hour rather than half an hour. The streaming series now includes almost a fifth of all new film projects pursued by FilmLA.

"This report highlights the incredible economic value that television production creates and helps explain why California's many competitors are out to win this business," said FilmLA President Paul Audley.

In July, then-California Governor Jerry Brown signed an extension of California's production tax credit program for five years beyond the end of 2020, with a credit volume of $ 1.6 billion. The program more than tripled in 2014 to $ 330 million a year to effectively compete with incentives in New York and Georgia. The program is overseen by the State Film Commission, which selects the TV and film projects for qualification, based in part on the number of jobs created.

In December, the commission announced that CBS's new "Star Trek" series with Patrick Stewart, who took over the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, would shoot in California and receive a production tax credit of $ 15.6 million , Eight more television series were selected for the latest $ 90 million in tax credits, including $ 12 million "Flowers of Helvetica" and CBS "Why Women Kill" with $ 8.5 million in credit ,

The commission announced in July that NBC's "Good Girls" and "You" sitcoms were relocated to California for their upcoming season and approval for $ 15.4 million in tax credits was approved.

The feature films included in the program include Disney's upcoming movie "Captain Marvel" and Warner Bros.'s "Space Jam 2" starring LeBron James.


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