California teacher arrested after video shows him beating a student

California teacher arrested after video shows him beating a student

Neetu Chandak | contributor

A high school California music teacher was arrested on Friday when he was caught in the movie with a student in the classroom during the fistfight.

Marston Riley, 40, was caught in a video of Maywood Academy High School in a video of punches when a woman in a yellow waistcoat tried to end the fight.

He was arrested on suspicion of child molestation and assault on the part of the student after the incident was reported to the officers at around 1:30 pm, KTLA 5 reported on Friday.

The student was treated and discharged from a local hospital. According to NBC 4, he suffered no serious injuries.

Witnesses in the class said the brawl began when the teacher allegedly informed the student that he had to leave the class because he wore the wrong uniform. The student allegedly refused to leave, KTLA 5 reported.

The KTLA 5 video showed the student throwing a basketball at Riley before slapping the boy in the face.

"Crisis advisers and additional police patrol officers will be at school Monday to assist our students and staff," a spokesman for the Los Angeles Unified School District told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement.

Students and parents are split over the argument. (ASSOCIATED: The teacher of a Florida teacher allegedly gives student special needs a wedgie in front of the class, is fired)

One student said the situation was set up according to KTLA 5.

"Everything was planned," said the unknown student, KTLA 5. "There were students who were already taking their cell phones to record the incident."

One mother believed that Riley was defending herself against the student, while another claimed that the teacher was known to be aggressive according to ABC 11.

"I think it was both mistakes, like the teacher and the student," said student Enrique Deharo, ABC 11. "I was worried about the boy and partly about the teacher."

Riley is held on $ 50,000 bail, according to KTLA 5.

The Maywood Academy High School did not immediately respond to TheDCNF's request for comment.

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