Call 2022. Pilares Online Baccalaureate. Registration ends May 31

The 2022 Call is it availabe. The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation offers the inhabitants of Mexico City the opportunity to take the Pillars Online Baccalaureate.

With the possibility of studying from your space and organizing your study schedules.

Invite your family and friends to take advantage of this free, innovative and quality educational option.

You have until May 31 to consult the call and the revalidation options for partial studies.

The objective is to contribute to meeting the demand for upper secondary education through an educational option for young people and adults.

Which do not require attendance at educational centers at fixed times and with the possibility of deciding the study schedule in accordance with work, family and personal commitments.

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Specific objectives

  1. Offer up to 10,000 (ten thousand) new entry spaces to the inhabitants of Mexico City, to enter the PILARES Online Baccalaureate, Generations 2022-C, 2022-D and 2022-E. two.
  2. Offer an option to pursue upper secondary education that, in addition to propaedeutic training and for work, contributes to citizen training.
  3. Contribute to reduce the rates of educational backwardness of the resident population of Mexico City.

The PILARES Online Baccalaureate grants 290 credits and is designed to be completed in two years and two months.

The study plan is made up of a propaedeutic course (10 credits), 12 compulsory subjects distributed in four modules (264 credits) and 16 credits that can be accredited, according to the interests of each student.

They will do so through activities that the student can choose (elective activities) at the Points of Innovation, Liberty, Art, Education and Knowledge (PILARES), the Sports Institute of Mexico City (Indeporte) and other institutions with educational offerings in the Town.

Students can carry out their studies from home, any establishment with Internet service or from the PILLARS Cyberschools.

The addresses of these spaces can be consulted at the following electronic address:

Registration and sending of digitized documents over the Internet

People interested in participating in Generations 2022-C, 2022-D and 2022-E must register until 11:59 p.m. on May 27, 2022, for which they must consider the following:

Enter your data in the registration system that will be available through the website of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (

Incorporate in the registration system the files of the documents indicated in point 6, of base SEVENTH, of this Call (in PDF format, separate files and maximum size of 8000 Kb).

Print the receipt with the folio number assigned by the registration system upon successful completion of data capture and incorporation of documents. It is essential to keep the folio number and the access data to the registration system to continue the entry process.

Interested persons who comply with the foregoing will have the quality of registered applicants.

Registration is not synonymous with registration, it only grants the right to participate in the call.

The registration or inscription of any person who provides unreliable data or documents that are not legible, incomplete or altered, in accordance with rule SIXTEENTH of this Call, will be cancelled.

There will be no late registrations.

Call 2022 Online Bachillerato Pilares

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