Call for donations: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf wants to charter ships to help refugees

Call for donations: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf wants to charter ships to help refugees

With a video on Youtube has become a TV presenter
Klaas Heufer circulation in the refugee question to word. More specifically, he calls for donations to charter refugee ships: “It will not let me go, and I hope some others do not,” he says at the beginning of the six-minute clip. He then describes the situation of refugees whose suffering is so great that they embark on the dangerous journey: “Many have drowned in recent years, in recent months, but some have not, because they have been saved by volunteers Helpers from all over the world, “says Heufer-Umlauf. Heufer-Umlauf wants to continue work of the Lifeline Then he describes the case of the refugee ship Lifeline , currently stuck in Malta. Many countries had refused to let the lifeline with 200 people. Malta finally allowed it after other countries had promised to take in the refugees.

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  1. Klaas Heider is as brain dumb as all the leftists.

    African refugees drowning is no problem. Producing an average of 5-10 children there is a urgent need of 5-8 dying before further reproduction. There are many ways for African countries to achieve this. By drowning is by far not enough.

  2. Klaas Heider braun D*mb as all leftists.
    5-10 children per African couple means 3-8 children need to d*ing before having chance to reproduce.
    Drowning is not enough.

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