Call for Non-Reimbursable Contributions -Towns with up to 2,000 inhabitants

The National Communications Entity (ENACOM), Application Authority of the Universal Service Trust Fund (FFSU), calls for the presentation of projects for financing through Non-Reimbursable Contributions, within the framework of ENACOM Resolution No. 727/2020 , through which the ACCESS PROGRAM TO ICT SERVICES FOR POPULATIONS IN ADVERSE AND NEGLECTED AREAS FOR THE DEPLOYMENT OF NETWORKS was approved.

The purpose of this Call, approved by ENACOM Resolution 2023/21, is to implement network infrastructure deployment projects for the provision of the Fixed Broadband Internet Access Service in underserved localities of up to 2,000 inhabitants.

PROJECTS may be submitted by those who are Licensees of ICT Services and have registered the value-added service -Internet Access-. Priority will be given to those Licensees that provide services in locations adjacent to the PROJECT’s object(s).

Up to THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION PESOS ($350,000,000) from the UNIVERSAL SERVICE TRUST FUND provided for in Law 27,078 will be earmarked for this call. concept of Non-Reimbursable Contribution (ANR) and up to TWENTY PERCENT (20%) of the amount that arises from point 5.2 of ANNEX I, for the contracting of “services”, as established in point 7.1.4, in concept of NRA.

The maximum amount to be financed per LOCATION will be TWENTY MILLION ($20,000,000), while the maximum amount per PROJECT, the maximum amount will be FORTY MILLION PESOS ($40,000,000).

For more information, download the Bases and Conditions (specification) and the Agreement Model from the attached buttons.

From this publication, it is established that the licensees that present proposals corresponding to the programs and projects of the Universal Service, should not request the debt-free certificate from Enacom, since the entity itself will be in charge of issuing it. By virtue of this, the corresponding certificate will be opportunely incorporated into the file when it is available, without this affecting the analysis procedure of the projects presented.

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