Call to the Ordinary General Assembly of the Gálvez Blood Donors Center

Bartolomé Miter N ° 466 – GALVEZ (2252) – SANTA FE
Nothing. N ° 053/82 – Mod. Nothing. No. 657/07 of the IGPJ

1st and 2nd CALL

In accordance with the provisions of the bylaws, the Board of Directors of the “CENTRO DADORES DE SANGRE DE GALVEZ”, – CALLS – the Lords Associated to the EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY, to be made the day October 13, 2,021 (10/13/2021), at 9:00 p.m. at the facilities of the administrative headquarters of the “CENTRO DADORES DE SANGRE DE GÁLVEZ”, located at Calle Bartolomé Miter No. 466 of the City of Gálvez, to deal with the following:


1. Reading of the Previous Act.-
2. Appointment of two (2) Assembly members present so that, together with the President and Secretary, they approve and sign the minutes of this Assembly.-
3. Explain the reasons why an Ordinary Assembly has not been called in the legal times.-
4. Reading and consideration of the Annual Report, Balance Sheet, State of Resources and Expenses, other Annex tables and Notes, Trustee Report, Auditor’s Opinion and Allocation of Surpluses, corresponding to the 56th Fiscal Year closed on 03/31/2020. –
5. Reading and consideration of the Annual Report, Balance Sheet, State of Resources and Expenses, other Annex tables and Notes, Trustee’s Report, Auditor’s Opinion and Allocation of Surpluses, corresponding to the 57th Fiscal Year closed on 03/31/2021. –
6. Report on the payment of fees, per diem, reimbursement of expenses made to staff and professionals, in accordance with art. 35 in. “D” of our bylaws.-
7. Approve the current corporate register.-
8. Information, consideration and resolution of the need for a new corporate headquarters for the expiration of the loan agreement for the current headquarters signed with the Andrés Egaña Library.-
9. Renewal of the members of the Board of Directors due to the end of their mandates; all for a period of two (2) years. The distribution of positions will be made in a whole according to article 15 of the Company Bylaws.-
10. Total renewal of the Supervisory Body, due to the end of their mandates, having to appoint a (1) Regular Trustee and one (1) Alternate Trustee, in replacement of Messrs .: CP DENTIS, ADRIAN respectively and CP TAPARELLO, Lorena B. –
11. Authorize the new Board of Directors to dispose or sell the urban property located at Calle B. Miter No. 706 of the City of Gálvez, under the most advantageous conditions that are presented in the market.
From our Statute:
ARTICLE 14: The direction and government of the Center will be exercised by the Board of Directors, which will be made up of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Deputy Secretary, a Treasurer, a Prosecutor, four (4) Regular Members, four (4) Alternates. All these positions will be carried out ad-honorem; and no salary or remuneration will be received for work or services rendered to the association by them. The charges are personal and cannot be delegated.-
ARTICLE 15: The Board of Directors will be elected by the Assembly, by a simple majority of the votes of associates present with the right to choose. Their mandates will last two (2) years, renewing their composition annually by halves. The distribution of the positions will be made by the members themselves at the first meeting of the Board of Directors after their appointment.-
ARTICLE No. 36: These Assemblies may meet at the first call with thirty percent (30%) of the associates with the right to choose; In case of not obtaining said quorum, it will meet on second call, thirty (30) minutes after the time set in the summons, being able to meet in this case with any number of attendees.-
ARTICLE 39: Communications for the Assemblies must be made by publication of the call in the Official Gazette or in the newspaper with the largest circulation in the area, setting in the same: Agenda, date, time and place where the act is to take place, therefore less fifteen (15) calendar days before the date of the same, but never more than thirty (30) days in advance.-
ARTICLE 40: Only members who are up to date with the Treasury may participate in the Assemblies.-

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Mr. Jorge FELCARO Mr. Héctor GEROSA
President Secretary