Callisto Protocol: The game will have its own world and story

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds it has never been famous for its highly developed, complex universe. The game attracted a lot of players and a lot battle royale it is this title that owes the popularity of the genre. However, it was more due to the introduction of freshness to shooters and a nice gunplay.

Nevertheless, the creators PUBG announced that the game universe will develop and will put more emphasis on the background of their production. A timeline was created for the entire universe of which he was a part Callisto Protocolhorror Striking Distance Studios.

Glen Schofield, CEO of this studio, he recently announced on Twitterthat the situation has changed. The Callisto Protocol will no longer be happening in the universe PUBG and instead, creators create their own history and world.

So it looks like the game may not be related to the popular battle royale at all. In his short tweet, Schofield only mentioned “little surprises for fans”.

Time will show what exactly is behind this statement, but in such a situation we can mainly count on a crossover between both productions.

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