In the last five games, Calloo has only made two 3-pointer attempts, and although neither of the two brands was a brand, he has always been more concerned about going to the basket instead of being satisfied with jump shots. His defense was also burdened with hectic games.

OSU coach Mike Boynton said stubbornness probably slowed Calloo's improvement early, but talking about "progress over pride" helped the freshman find a way for himself.

"Early on, and it's natural, in their minds, that will be easy, no matter how many times I try to tell them that it's going to be hard," Boynton said. "They do not believe you in their thoughts until they go out and fight, and he fought.

"He's beginning to understand that there's more to your team than just shooting basketballs."

The benefits could continue on Saturday.

"I'm just waiting for my time and have patience," said Calloo. "I know that my time will come when needed."



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