Calm down!! Crude oil prices fall After OPEC lowered the number of demand forecasts.

Calm down!! Crude oil prices fall After OPEC lowered its demand forecast.

News reports from Thai Oil Public Company Limited, an analysis of the crude oil price situation, was found to decline after OPEC and its allies. or OPEC Plus Revised downward forecast for 2021 oil demand, down from an increase of 5.96 million barrels per day. to an increase of 5.82 million barrels per day While maintaining forecasts for 2022 oil demand rising to around 4.2 million bpd. However, the group continued to increase OPEC+ crude production by 0.4 million bpd.

China reported a 15.3 percent drop in crude oil imports in September, from 11.8 million bpd a year earlier to 9.99 million bpd. and lower than Aug. 64 at 10.49 million barrels per day.

The US Petroleum Institute (API) reported that U.S. crude inventories rose by 5.2 million barrels for the week ended Oct.

gasoline price
Dropped less than Dubai crude oil prices. This was driven by the continued rising demand for gasoline in the region. In addition, the decrease in US gasoline inventories by more than 4.6 million barrels.

diesel fuel price
Dropped more than Dubai crude oil prices. After rising continuously in the previous period, however, regional demand continued to rise. amid declining supply

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