Câmara de Gaia plans to build € 14 million service building

The Vila Nova de Gaia council revealed this Monday that it will build a service building, a project worth 14 million euros, in the civic center of the city, framing it in the area where the congress center will be born.

“It may not be a work for this mandate, but it is in the plans. It is a work designed in the logic of planning the core of the city, framing [o edifício de serviços] in the space where the congress center will appear, where the Municipal Assembly building is already located, and next to the renovated square that is now behind the Chamber “, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues described to journalists this afternoon.

The mayor was speaking on the sidelines of a town hall meeting, in which the deputy mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia, Patrocínio Azevedo, presented the project estimated at 14 million euros. The building will be located between General Torres and 20 de Junho streets.

According to the vice president, who is also a councilor for the portfolios of Municipal Roads and Municipal Works, and deputy to Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues for the Urban Planning area, the building will have about 8,000 square meters of service area, being an objective ” improve effectiveness and efficiency “in serving citizens.

“It will solve the problems we have, since we have services spread throughout the city,” said Patrocínio Azevedo.

To carry out this project, the Chamber of Gaia, of a socialist majority, approved this afternoon, with the PSD abstaining, an exchange of land, with the autarchy remaining through the Closed Real Estate Fund, which owns the land in General Torres’ corner with on the 20th of June and another owner with a plot of land on Rua Álvares Cabral.

Already on the sidelines of the session, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues explained that “the fund builds and the chamber pays the fund via rent” and that “the owner of the land that is of interest to the municipality to install the service building wanted a constructive capacity that was not possible in that place, but it is possible in the exchanged terrain “.

This afternoon’s town council meeting in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the district of Porto, was also marked by the announcement that the council is preparing studies on the implementation of a network of cycle paths in the municipality’s urban network, namely in Santa Marinha, Mafamude and Canidelo.

“There is already a leisure network on the seafront. We want to study the possibility of making one for the daily and service context”, said Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, who sees this type of projects linked to the soft means of mobility as, he said, “an inevitability” in logic of “sustainable cities” of the future.


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