Câmara de Moura and ULSBA collaborate on environmental health | Voice of the Plain Radio – 104.5FM

According to a press release, this participation takes place within the scope of a protocol signed between the Municipality and the Local Health Unit of Baixo Alentejo (ULSBA).

The creation of Revive was due to the need to install capacities in the regions to increase knowledge about the species of mosquitoes present, their distribution and abundance, the impact of climate change on their distribution and for the detection of invasive species with importance for public health. .

Of the invasive mosquito species potentially dangerous to human health studied by this network, the Municipality highlights the “Aedes aegypti”, vector species of viruses such as dengue, zika and chikungunya.

The Municipality of Moura collaborates every year, with the collection of eggs, larvae and adult mosquitoes, in order to contribute to the mapping of mosquito species and detect possible public health threats.