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Camera, Pd leaves the Chamber after the failed expulsion of D'Ambrosio (M5s). Fico: "Goodbye". Then he apologizes

Clash in the House between Democratic party and the president of Montecitorio Roberto Fico. The deputies of the Democratic Party, while the discussion on the constitutional reform bill was underway on the proposed referendum, called for the expulsion of the colleague M5s Giuseppe D'Ambrosio on charges of having made the gesture of handcuffs addressed to the deputy Gennaro Migliore.

At the news of the refusal by the president, the Democratic Party Democrats went "to assault the bench" of the presidency to protest: one deputy threw sheets to the president, another has flown one of the chairs of the government. The clerks got in the middle to stop the assault, led by Emanuele Fiano. The dems then said they would leave the Chamber. In the excitement of the moment, President Fico replied: "Goodbye". Except then take action to apologize: "As there was a bit 'of tension with the PD who greeted as he left the classroom, I apologize for answering 'goodbye'. When I make a mistake, I pay and apologize. It was my fault and my mistake ". The examination of the bill will resume Tuesday, February 19 at 14, while tomorrow at 9.30 there will be interpellations.

The parent company Pd then intervened against Fico Graziano Delrio: "D'Ambrosio, for making the gesture of handcuffs to us, was expelled and Fico refused," he said in the Transatlantic surrounded by his colleagues. "He did not defend the dignity of us deputies, he can not tell us, as we leave the Chamber: 'goodbye'".


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