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Cameroon: Almost 80 students kidnapped in northwest Cameroon


Gunmen have kidnapped at least 78 students and several adults in the Cameroonian town of Bamenda. The kidnappers should demand the closure of the school.

Policemen in English-speaking part of Cameroon
© Marco Longari / AFP / Getty Images

At least 78 students have been abducted in northwestern Cameroon. In addition to the minors, according to media reports, the director of the Presbyterian Secondary
School in the regional capital Bamenda as well as a teacher and
a driver abducted by unidentified gunmen.

The school confirmed the incident. The kidnappers had so far not demanded a ransom, but demanded the closure
 the school, said the
Chairman of the Presbyterian Church Cameroon.
 Samuel Fonki Forba.

Fight in the region
armed groups for independence from the rest of the country. The majority of the approximately 23 million inhabitants of the Central African State of Cameroon speak French, only a minority near the border with Nigeria

The minority has long felt the Francophone
Majority disadvantaged. The conflict has been open since 2017
Aspirations for state independence escalated. The authorities have responded in the past with brutal retaliation against rebel attacks.

The mass kidnapping is reminiscent of a raid of Islamist
Terrorist organization Boko Haram on a school in the northeast of the
Neighboring country Nigeria in 2014. At that time more than 200
mostly Christian girls abducted



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