Camila Cabello, metamorphosed with pastel coloring

Only a few days after her separation, Camila Cabello displays a radical hair transformation on social networks.

The syndrome of “the cut of the rupture” has just reached the singer Camila Cabello! As Coco Chanel herself said: “Uhe woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.In other words: a new cut is often synonymous with a new start. In any case, the Camila Cabello hair change follows her breakup with singer Shawn Mendes on November 17th.

Camila Cabello’s coloration mentholée

This brand new hairstyle, to say the least surprising, was unveiled on the star’s Instagram account this Sunday, November 21. In her post, Camila Cabello disseminates several photos of this hair transformation as well as an old photo of her. We notice that her long brown hair has disappeared to give way to a mint green coloring. Her pastel hair, colored by stylist Dimitris Giannetos, matches her dress as well as her nail polish and shimmering eyeshadow. Always very supported by her fans, they are full of praise in the comments: “You are so beautiful”, “I do not know why this look, but I like” or “Camila Queen”, maybe. we read there.

Stars and pastel hair

Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Bella Hadid or Hailey Bieber … For several seasons now, we have seen the pastel coloring on the heads of our favorite stars and she trots in that of adventurous women when it comes to hair. Whether it’s powder pink, lavender or baby blue, the pastel shades have made a place for themselves on the front of the hair scene. Has Camila Cabello also succumbed to this trend or is it a wig? The mystery remains unsolved.

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