Entertainment Camila Ferraro, Cook Revelation 2020 in Madrid Fusión

Camila Ferraro, Cook Revelation 2020 in Madrid Fusión


On the morning of the last day of Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión has been delivered one of the most important awards of the Spanish gastronomic panorama, the Balfegó sponsored Revelation Cook award. Finally it has been Camila Ferraro, 32-year-old Sevillian young woman at the controls of Sobretablas restaurant (Seville), who has won the award, proclaiming Cook Revelation 2020, an award that recognizes the work and future of the present and future of gastronomy in Spain. Ferraro becomes the first woman to win the award.

Throughout 2019, the team that makes Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión possible has tracked the Spanish territory in search of young talents who have opted for the Prize, and this time were Xune Andrade, 31, of the Monte restaurant (San Feliz, Asturias); Sergi Palacín, 28, of The Alchemix restaurant (Barcelona); Víctor Cuevas, 29, of the Amadía restaurant (Madrid); Vicky Sevilla, 26, of the Arrels restaurant (Sagunto, Valencia); Alejandro Serrano, 22, of the Alejandro Serrano restaurant (Miranda de Ebro, Burgos); Juan Manuel Salgado, 30, of the Dromo restaurant (Badajoz), and Samuel Naveira and Génesis Cardona, of the Muna restaurant (Ponferrada, León). Of them, Andrade, has won the second prize, and the two responsible for Muna, the third.

José Carlos Capel, president of Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión, has been the one who has revealed the name of the winner, after the secret vote of more than 60 members of a jury formed by professional and amateur critics from all over Spain. Ferraro joins the list of winners of previous editions of the Prize, in which we find names such as Carmelo Bosque, Íñigo Lavado, David Yarnoz, Ricard Camarena, Vicente Patiño, David Muñoz, Rodrigo de la Calle and many other chefs who right now they occupy the vanguard of the Spanish culinary. The last one, the winner of 2019, Fernando Alcalá, from the Kava restaurant in Marbella.

Rock Formation

In just over a year, the young Sevillian cook Camila Ferraro and the sommelier sommelier Robert Tetas have successfully established their restaurant in Seville. These are two professionals trained in El Celler de Can Roca who show more experience than corresponds to their ages.

The menu includes contemporary, seasonal dishes, which are inspired by the traditional Sevillian cookbook, as well as bars and the city's family legacy.

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