Camille Cerf, ex-Miss France, confides in her weight gain

Par Ava Skoupsky

– Published on June 26, 2022 at 06:12
– Updated on June 26, 2022 at 06:12

On Instagram, the young woman confided in her discomfort and her weight gain. Explanations.

“I do not recognize myself anymore”. Words launched by Camille Cerf, ex-miss France on her Instagram account a few days ago. While she was organizing questions / answers with her community on the social network, the young woman confided in her weight gain and what she felt. She did not mince words and revealed to be uncomfortable in her skin: “It’s difficult because even if I advocate Body Positive and I find all the bodies very beautiful, I’m very hard on mine. And being one more Miss France on the networks is difficult. Because we compare ourselves to everyone all the time.”

The secrets of Camille Cerf

Camille Cerf went on to say that she had trouble recognizing herself: “I’ve put on quite a bit of weight lately (I’d say 10-15 kilos, I don’t weigh myself) because of the love, the stress and the hard pace. And then I don’t feel well. I do not recognize myself. Some people see themselves as bigger than they are and well, I’m the opposite (…) in everyday life, I feel super thin so it’s very difficult when I’m faced with the reality of my image in photo or on TV. I do not recognize myself and it weighs on me a lot.”

Despite everything, the former miss seems determined to feel better about herself. She told her fans: “It’s a vicious circle because as I feel bad about myself, I compensate by comforting myself with food. I have a lot of work-related annoyances right now. I hope they will settle quickly so that I can finally feel better in my head and then in my body”.

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