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(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 01 – A year after the death of Andrea Camilleri, which took place on July 17, 2019, and fifteen days after the arrival of the awaited ‘Riccardino’ in the bookstore, the final novel of the beloved series of Commissioner Montalbano, that by the will of Andrea Camilleri comes posthumously on July 16, Sellerio anticipates the cover of the book. Indeed, the two covers, because a special edition of the novel is also proposed, with a note by Salvatore Silvano Nigro, in which you can read the first version of the 2005 book and the definitive one, as per the author’s wish.

In the summer of 2005, Camilleri delivered Elvira Sellerio ‘Riccardino’ with the agreement to publish it later, in an indefinite tomorrow. Eleven years later, in 2016, when 15 books by Montalbano have already been published, Camilleri feels the urge to resume that novel, the time has come to “fix it”. Nothing changes in the plot, but only in the language that has evolved in the meantime. Even the title that the writer then considered provisional, but to which he had now become attached, becomes definitive in 2016. Different from the essential and evocative ones of the other books, from The shape of the water to The thief of snacks, ‘Riccardino’ is a title that almost marks a break, an end.

As Camilleri recounted in an old interview, at one point the writer had posed the problem of the “seriality” of his novels, a dilemma common to many noir writers, which he had solved by deciding to age his commissioner together with the calendar, with all the changes that this would entail, of the character and of the times that he would gradually experience. But then, “I also asked myself a superstitious problem,” he explained. His two friends, crime writers, Jean Claude Izzo and Manuel Vázquez Montálban, who wanted to get rid of their characters, eventually died before them. So “I came up with another idea, finding the solution in a way”.

The first chapter, available on the website, was previewed last May at the International Book Fair of Turin Extra, by Antonio Manzini, friend, pupil and somehow heir of Camilleri. (HANDLE).


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