Camilo’s 10 most popular songs on Spotify

After winning the X Factor in 2007, Camilo Echeverry’s career began on the rise. During the last two years, Camilo has become one of the most listened to artists on different music platforms, as well as one of the most acclaimed singers worldwide by millions of fans.

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After Evaluna gave birth to Índigo, his firstborn, the Colombian artist began his tour ‘De adentro pa’ fuera tour’, visiting different cities of the world. As expected, the 28-year-old singer has been accompanied by the two women in his life.

This Saturday, November 26, at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, is not the only date on which those of ‘la Tribu’ will be able to see their favorite artist live. On December 2 it will be in Medellín, in the Plaza de Toros La Macarena, and on the 3rd of the same month, in Barranquilla, in Puerta de Oro.

What are Camilo’s most listened to songs on Spotify?

To prepare for the concert, fans have been taking a tour of the different songs that the artist has released, to sing each one of them at the top of their voices during their performances. shows. Below, we show you a list of the most listened to songs on the Spotify platform.

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1. unknown: It was the song by the duo Mau y Ricky, which included the participation of Manuel Turizo and Camilo. Released on October 11, 2018. It has 652,916,588 views on Spotify.

2. if you say yes: In 2020, together with Reik and Farruko, this song was promoted, which currently has 282,492,600 views. “The video, as such, is a work of art that represents that moment in which you are wanting to live again in that ruin, which is that relationship that no longer exists and is the end of everything”, The Colombian commented on the song that has been a success.

3. The same air with Pablo Alborán: the video for this song was directed by Evaluna Montaner. It’s a cover of the song from the album For the first time, of Camilo. Composed by the paisa, Edgar Barrera, Juan Morelli, Jon Leone and Richi Lopez. It has 260,288,760 reproductions.

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4. Half: is a song performed by Camilo and Christian Nodal, which is also part of the studio album For the first timefrom 2020. On Spotify it already has 253,942,721 reproductions.

5. Indigo: With this theme, Camilo and Evaluna announced at the end of last year that they would become parents. His daughter bears the same name as the song. The hit song has 193,204,102 views.

6. Kesi-Remix: Camilo made Shawn Mendes sing in Spanish for the first time. The collaboration, which has 181,693,459 reproductions, arose after a direct message in which the Canadian told the Colombian how much he liked the song, which is part of My handsthe second album from Evaluna’s husband.

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7. color hope 2020: In addition to Camilo, this song had the collaboration of Ruben Blades, Camila, Pedro Capó, Coti, Dilsinho, El Cigala, Farruko, Fonseca, Kany García, Leonel García, Gente de Zona, Leslie Grace, Nicky Jam, Lali, Ara Malikian, Dani Martin, Mau y Ricky, Prince Royce, Rauw Alejandro, Reik, Río Roma, Carlos Rivera, Ivete Sangalo, Thalía, Angela Torres, Diego Torres, Manuel Turizo, Jorge Villamizar (Bacilos) and Carlos Vives. It currently has 82,560,209 views.

8. Pegao: with 57,305,976 reproductions, Pegao It has been one of the most successful songs of the Colombian. It was released on May 19, and became the first song he released since the birth of his daughter Indigo in April.

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9. Alaska: song composed and produced by Camilo and Edgar Barrera. Camilo sang with the Firm Group. It already has 37,567,683 reproductions.

10. Airport: the theme was inspired by his wife Evaluna and his daughter Indigo. It has 21,165,615 reproductions.