Campaign “1000 first days”: why we must rethink the first years of children and help parents

the essential
Pregnancy and the first two years of the child are decisive for its good development. Santé Publique France and the government are putting a series of information online to support young parents.

1000 days, from pregnancy to two years of the child. This is the period considered by scientists to be crucial for the proper development of babies. However, in these early years, young parents ask themselves many questions.

It is therefore to better support them that the government and Public Health France launched Tuesday, October 26, a campaign on the first 1,000 days of life, entitled “Becoming a parent is also asking questions”.

“First learning, cognitive and emotional development, sociability … This period conditions the health and well-being of the individual throughout his life”, explained Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for Children and families, on the occasion of this launch.

Professor Geneviève Chêne, Director General of Public Health France added that “we know the difficulties that new parents can face”. According to her, “pregnancy and the beginnings of parenthood are a period of transition, which can be marked by increased vulnerability, both physically, psychologically and socially”.

The government has therefore set up a website and a mobile application which bring together a series of tools and information on different themes: becoming a parent, acting on one’s environment, being accompanied and discovering one’s child.

Increased vulnerability

This site is also intended to be interactive, with “current questions” that young parents ask themselves at the various stages of these 1,000 days. Like Sabrine, 35, mother of a one month old baby and a two year old little girl. “My baby cries a lot and for some time, with fatigue, I feel that I am losing patience. What can I do not to crack?”, She wonders.

To which, “first 1000 days” responds: “We understand you: baby crying can be exhausting. If you feel that you are going to break down, it is better to pass the baton on to someone else (spouse, family, friends, neighbors …), get away from your child and take time for yourself.And if you are alone at this time, put your baby safely in his bed and take a moment to breathe in another room. You can check that he is doing well regularly, but take the time to calm down before picking up your baby again. “

As Professor Geneviève Chêne explains, pregnancy and the beginnings of parenthood are “a period of transition, which can be marked by increased vulnerability, both physically, psychologically and socially”.

This campaign comes at a time when several measures have been put in place on the recommendation of a commission headed by psychologist and psychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik: the extension of paternity leave, the generalization of early prenatal care and the emphasis on maternity. and Maternal and Child Protection.