Camper wanted by thieves: this is how you prevent it from being stolen

Although the thief who stole the motorhome in Venlo did not get very far, it remains to be seen whether the owner will ever be able to take it on the road again. The camper had to be pushed towards the quay by a passing boat.

Every year, an average of 105 motorhomes with a Dutch license plate are stolen. It is striking that many of the owners of North Holland are among them. “One of the explanations for this is that a gang was active there,” says André Bouwman of the National Vehicle Crime Information Center (LIV).

And so you better be well prepared and reduce the chance of theft. One option is to use TrackJack, a GPS system that allows you to see exactly where your motorhome is. You place a device in the car that is connected to your phone or computer.

“He works to the nearest ten minutes,” Michelle van Breukelen of TrackJack Europe tells EditieNL. “Not only can you follow him, but he also gives notifications if he is stolen.”

Motorhome ownership Dutch

In May of this year, all Dutch people together owned a total of 166,241 campers. That number has been rising for years. In 2021, a total of 3164 new motorhomes were sold. That is 29 percent more than 2020.

But there is more to watch out for, says Stan Stolwerk, director of Camperclub NKC. “Such as gearbox locks, ways to secure your windows and an extra lock on the door. And a steering wheel lock. Breaking in and driving away with all those tools is difficult. We advise motor home owners and buyers to install these types of systems if they are not supplied as standard. to be.”

Yet you remain vulnerable with a camper. “A simple tip is to keep valuables out of sight in your motorhome. A motorhome has quite a lot of glass, so people can easily see inside. If an iPad is left on the table, that is of course not useful .”

Additional tips against LIV theft:

  • Always install an approved CCV electronic alarm system.
  • Preferably also install a mechanical protection on the steering wheel, brake pedal and/or gear lever (BearlocK).
  • Do not leave expensive items in your camper and/or take a good safe that is bolted to a frame/chassis to store expensive items.
  • Lock e-bikes, scooters or other vehicles in the storage area. Fasten them to a steel bracket or rod. Entrance doors are often easy to force.
  • Close large roof hatches when you leave. Thieves can crawl inside or open the window or door with a stick.
  • Inventory or register expensive items in your camper.