Campo Agropecuario – DVA launches Inkrementa Program, the valid alternative to compensate for the deficit in fertilization

Given the possible limitations of availability and access to fertilizers in agricultural crops in our country, the company DVA Paraguay disseminates the Inkrementa Program, a proposal to compensate for the lack of fertilization with Incentia products, the biostimulant developed based on seaweed

The company disseminates this proposal in different productive regions of the country. It started during the second fortnight of April in the central-south region and during different days it exposed the situation that arises with fertilizers in the face of the war between Ukraine and Russia, the main suppliers of this agricultural input, and the rising price of the product at a global level.
The Ing. Agr. Renato Menezes, Research and Development Coordinator of DVA Brazil, explained that, faced with the global scenario of low availability and rising prices of fertilizers, DVA brings Inkrementa to help producers overcome this situation and come to fruition with their harvests. .
He commented that Ukraine and Russia are the main suppliers of fertilizers to Paraguay, fundamentally potassium, which is the main input for grain crops worldwide. “This situation generates price increases and supply difficulties, in addition to the uncertainty of how long this situation will last,” he said.
He stressed that this world situation can cause a decrease in the application of these fertilizers and the deficit of this input in the crop will undoubtedly reduce productivity. “If the plant does not have the ideal levels of fertilizers in the soil, it reduces its ability to absorb the nutrients that are available in the environment,” he said.


Potassium is the element most in demand by the crop. The plant has an intense extraction of it and it has effects on its interaction so that the plant manages to absorb all the other nutrients and that all the absorbed nutrients fulfill their essential functions in the plant. Menezes stressed that it is important for producers to understand that it is scientifically proven that the nutrients applied to the soil are often not well used by the plants, and a large part of the investment remains in the soil. “You have to better understand the physiology of the plant, so that the investment is better used.”
He mentioned that the Inkrementa Program also seeks that, in addition to making up for the deficit that may occur in the application of fertilizers, making full use of what is available in the environment with the application of Incentia.


Ing. Arnaldo González, Marketing Coordinator of specialties from Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico, explained that the Inkrementa program seeks to minimize the negative impact
of the problems that exist in logistics and supply of fertilizers
base. DVA designed the Inkrementa program seeking to optimize nutrient uptake based on bioactivation throughout the soil system. Inkrementa comes to alleviate the deficit
It is estimated that it will happen and it proposes three lines of DVA’s own products, which is Incentia.

Incentia is a European line, manufactured at DVA Iberia, in Malaga, Spain and comprises several lines, of which the Inkrementa Program proposes three applications: The first with Icentia Algae NPK,
special fertilizer in liquid form with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, with a complete scale of microelements free of chloride. This should be applied 35 to 45 days after crop emergence. Then with a frequency of 15 days, the second with Incentia Algae Amino Cab and the third with Incentia Algae NK.
González highlighted that the Incentia line has seaweed extract and amino acids that help the plant to activate certain factors that make absorption much more efficient and therefore can use all the resources found in the soil and therefore not suffers from both nutritional deficiency. The Incentia line has been commercially available in Paraguay since 2019 and there are already several positive results on the application of the product in crops.


Another factor highlighted by the professional is the cost benefit of the Inkrementa Program, which proposes to achieve savings between 70 and 100 dollars per hectare. He urged producers to trust the Inkrementa Program brought by this company of German origin, which will undoubtedly allow a positive response in productivity at a lower cost.
Mr. Hernán Barua, regional Marketing and Sales supervisor of DVA Barua, highlighted that Inkrementa arrives to mitigate a reality that is imposed, the limitation of the application of base fertilizers. “We seek to obtain the same yields as less application”.