Sports CAN-2021 in Cameroon will take place in winter, from...

CAN-2021 in Cameroon will take place in winter, from January 9 to February 6


Published on : 01/15/2020 – 14:51Modified : 01/15/2020 – 14:51

As expected, the Cameroonian Football Federation and the CAF, which met on Wednesday January 15 in Yaoundé, found common ground so that the CAN-2021, initially planned for the summer, was finally postponed. The dates January 9 to February 6, 2021 have been confirmed.

It is an open secret that is no longer there. At the end of a meeting between the African Football Confederation (CAF) and the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot), common ground was found between the two parties for the 2021 African Cup of Nations, initially scheduled during the summer, or finally organized at the start of the year.

Information formalized in the early afternoon by Fecafoot. The two authorities have also agreed on the exact date of the tournament, from January 9 to February 6, as well as on the official reason for this change of calendar: the risks linked to the rainy season in the region.

The decision to line up behind the climatic difficulties of Cameroon at that time is not a surprise. Already at the start of the year, CAF President Ahmad Ahmad assured RFI that he had "always said that (CAF) should be flexible with regard to the weather", recalling that "in Africa, the summer in the north of the continent (had) nothing to do with summer in the south ".

An almost inevitable shift

Earlier Wednesday, January 15, the Cameroonian Minister of Sports had also reminded of the potential troubles that could cause the rain if the competition is continued in summer.

But beyond these weather forecasts, another element probably made it possible for the two parties to agree: the announcement of Fifa, a few weeks ago, of the launch of the new formula of the Club World Cup. An edition extended to 24 teams, and which should take place between June 17 and July 4, 2021. A niche that was previously devoted to the next edition of the African Cup.

This new episode comes in any case to add to the tumultuous history of the Cameroon African Cup. Originally awarded to the country in 2014, it was to be held in 2019, but the organization of the tournament had finally been urgently entrusted to Egypt due to many delays in preparations. Cameroon then inherited the 2021 edition.

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