CAN 2023 qualifiers: the Barea play their last chance

After their defeat on their own ground in Mahamasina last Thursday, the Barea will face for the return match the Fauves of Central Africa today, in Doula, Cameroon, as part of the 4th day of the African Cup of Nations qualifiers (CAN) 20223. The match will take place around 4 p.m. Madagascar time.

This is the last chance match for the proteges of Nicolas Dupuis, the coach, who also continues to suffer criticism from Malagasy football fans. To be able to hope for a possible qualification, the Barea must continue with the victory today and in the two other remaining matches which await it.

Finding themselves in last place in Group E, after Ghana, Angola and the Central African Republic, Madagascar have so far obtained only one point, thanks to their draw against Angola in the first leg. A defeat will be synonymous with elimination for Nicolas Dupuis’ proteges in this tournament where they shone in 2019.