“Social distancing” this is the order of the day. By keeping our distance from our fellow human beings and keeping the contact as low as possible, the spread of Sars-Cov-2 should be like the new one virus is also called to be slowed down. But if everyone is encouraged to stay within their own four walls, employment opportunities are limited.

A welcome opportunity for many to get their love life going again, as evidenced by rising condom sales and orders for sex toys.

But should one still have sex at all in times of Corona or is that too risky? After all, people come much closer than the recommended safety distance of one to two meters.

To answer this question, the city of New York has published a guide for safe sex in times of Covid-19 for its residents, and the recommendations are constantly being adapted. In this, the “New York City Department of Health “Tips to” Enjoy Sex Without Spreading the Corona Virus. “The following five points are listed:

1. What we know about Covid-19

We know that virus transmitted via virus-contaminated body secretions such as spit and mucus, for example when a person coughs or sneezes in the immediate vicinity. This was also the case in feces of infected people virus already proven (so far, however, there is no evidence that the virus residues are still contagious there), but not in sperm or vaginal secretions. When it comes to knowledge about sex and Covid-19, there is still a need to catch up.

2. Who can you have sex with?

You are considered the safest sex partner yourself, because that virus cannot be spread through masturbation. However, it is important to clean your hands (and possibly sex toys) thoroughly with soap and warm water beforehand. Another safe sex partner is the person you live with in a household. One should have sex with people from outside – just like closer contact – avoid. Those who usually get to know their sex partners online should forego personal dates for a while and can try out video dates or sexting, for example.

3rd What to watch out for

Since that virus is transmitted very easily by kissing, it should be limited to the very narrowest group of people. Contact with faeces should be avoided in any case and hygiene should generally be emphasized.

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