Can Lewandowski unilaterally terminate his contract? (law, sports, football)


First, sorry for the broken German, I’m not from the German-speaking area.

I ordered DSL (Internet) from O2 in September 2017. Because I’m still studying and working part-time, I chose 02 because they offer the option of not having a minimum contract period. Apparently, the O2 employee didn’t realize that I wanted a contract without a period of notice, so he canceled the contract and made a new one.

I got a contract and activation date. When the technician from Deutsche Telekom came, he found that O2 gave DT the wrong house number (not the number that is on the contract) and was unable to activate my connection.

I then got a new appointment from O2 – the email clearly stated that I had to be at home between 12 noon and 4 p.m. I took the afternoon off from work, but at 9 a.m. (when I was at work) I got a call from O2 that the technician was on the doorstep. This appointment also failed.

Now I got an appointment for the third time, this time to be at home between 8am and 12 noon. Taken off work again, serviced at home, but no technician comes. O2 has no idea why.

I never got a router – according to customer service, the router only arrives after activation.

It was clear to me that it would never work. So cancel the contract. But it doesn’t work – customer service tells me that the 14-day period has expired (of course, because after 3 months they still haven’t managed to activate my connection), and the contract cannot be terminated.

What worked: according to the customer advisor, a “free” SIM card, for which I then had to pay monthly (and that I didn’t order). At least O2 canceled that after a few months as a gesture of goodwill.

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And finally my 2 questions:

1. Replacement damage: According to customer service, this is out of the question. But I waited at home 3 times for free, and also called customer service for at least 10-15 hours (because of the long waiting times). Is it really like that?

2. How can I cancel the contract? Customer service could not do this because the 14 day period has expired.