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Nuclear reactors have become one of the most important sources of energy in the world, especially as many countries have begun to expand their use to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, which are one of the largest sources of carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions have caused global warming, which contributes to a gradual rise in the Earth’s temperature and the occurrence of climate changes and the attendant crises that could threaten life on the planet in the long run.

Today, Thursday, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation published a video clip on its official page on Twitter, which it said deals with the most important uses of nuclear energy that can contribute to protecting the environment on Earth and contributing to space research.

She said that nuclear science and technology go beyond the field of diverse energy, noting that the NASA Perseverance spacecraft has conducted many tests on Mars using nuclear science.

The Emirates Foundation pointed out that space exploration has become dependent on nuclear reactors, noting that NASA’s Perseverance and Curiosity vehicles use small nuclear reactors to obtain the energy needed to operate them.

Nuclear science and technology go beyond the energy field. For example, NASA’s Perseverance rover conducts many tests on Mars using nuclear science, and space exploration depends on nuclear reactors. Learn more here…

— Emirates Nuclear (@ENEC_UAE) October 28, 2021

And she continued, “Nuclear technology helps us explore other worlds and reach the farthest points of the solar system.”

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation raised a question about the possibility of nuclear technology contributing to making human life on Mars possible in the current era.


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