Can we do without a car on a daily basis?

From October 4 to 31, volunteers decided to participate in the “car-free month” in the metropolis of Lyon to promote other mobility solutions. Now is the time to take stock.

For almost a month, 22 people from the district of Carré de Soie, in Vaulx-en-Velin and in the town of Villeurbanne in the Rhône (69) lent themselves to the game of months without a personal car For their daily trips.

This experience was organized by the Mixed transport union for the Rhône and the Lyon conurbation (SYTRAL). The goal is to to raise awareness the population carbon dioxide emissions and others mobility solutions. On its site, SYTRAL published a report of the experiment.

Easier to get around without a car

For the 6 fireplaces who went to the end of the challenge, the discovery of new modes of transport was inspiring. 4 of them are even considering the possibility of no longer using their personal vehicle. Some might even resell, and sustainably adopt the use of new travel services. They doubled their number of trips, which they found plus court in terms of timing and less stressful than driving a car.

A handicap for shopping

Alone flat for SYTRAL, many families have come together bothered to do their shopping without a personal car. So it remains points to improve to do without a car 100% on a daily basis. The organization intends to remedy this. ” The volunteers’ feedback has enabled us to identify areas for improvement, in particular the problem for several families of doing their shopping and certain purchases without a car, where car-sharing and carpooling can be alternative solutions that deserve attention. ” be even more valued“, Declares Béatrice Vessiller, vice president of SYTRAL.

The union counts repeat the experience in 2022 in another territory, with the desire to mobilize a larger number of people. It remains obvious that this way of life cannot exist everywhere in France. It can only be applied in built-up areas or in places where the public transport offer is sufficient to do without a car.

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