Can you drink alcohol after receiving the flu vaccine?


The National Vaccination Campaign against the Influenza virus (flu) reached the second stage last week (May 11) and runs until June 8. Promoted by the Ministry of Health nationwide, the campaign started last month and the estimate is to vaccinate 79.7 million people.

>> Can you drink alcohol after receiving the vaccine against covid-19?

Flu and alcohol vaccine

During this vaccination period, a question that many people have is: after taking the flu vaccine, is it possible to consume alcohol? The Brazilian Immunization Society (SBIm), involved in the decisions of the National Immunization Program (PNI), reported that no vaccines, including those to prevent COVID-19, contraindicate the consumption of alcoholic beverages or require precautions.

There is no interference with the immune response or an increased risk of adverse events.

Effects of alcohol

It is important to note, however, that the chronic and abusive use of alcohol can weaken the immune system, increase the risk of infections by viruses and bacteria, in addition to bringing several other damages to health and life.

Vaccination campaign

The second stage is aimed at the elderly over 60 years old and teachers. About 33 million people are expected to be immunized at this stage. The third phase, between 9 June and 9 July, will cover around 22 million people.

This target audience comprises members of the Armed Forces, security and rescue; people with comorbidities, special clinical conditions or permanent disabilities; truckers; public road transport workers; port workers; deprivation of liberty system officials; population deprived of liberty; and adolescents in socio-educational measures.

The campaign started on April 12 with the vaccination of children between six months and six years old, indigenous peoples, health workers, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth (who are in the period of up to 45 days after delivery).

Flu and covid-19 vaccines

People who have taken the first or second dose of the covid-19 vaccine should wait at least 14 days to get the flu shot.

What about the covid-19 vaccine?

SBIm, together with the Ministry of Health, informed in April that, to date, there is no recommendation aimed at alcohol consumption and immunization against covid-19, invalidating comments on social networks, where several people claim to have allergic reactions. , after taking the vaccine against covid-19, or say that it is necessary to wait 30 days

Through a note, the Ministry of Health stated that “there is no evidence on the relationship of alcohol with the compromised formation of antibodies against the covid-19 vaccine”. In an interview with O Globo, Mônica Levi, director of SBIm, said that this misinformation could discourage the population from taking the vaccine against covid-19.

The biomedical Erica Siu, vice-president of the Health and Alcohol Information Center (Cisa), on the other hand, warned about the high consumption of alcohol. “The concern we have is not only with the vaccine, it is for the whole issue of heavy alcohol consumption in times of a pandemic. It is important that people have control over consumption,” he said.