Cana: “I have OM in my blood”

In an interview with BFM Marseille, the former Olympian captain returned to his time in Paris and OM. The Albanian assures that his heart will lean towards OM on Sunday.

Trained in Paris, where he played between 2003 and 2005, Lorik Cana joined OM at the very end of the summer transfer window to become captain a few years later.

Interview par BFM Marseillethe Albanian confided in his passage from Paris Marseille, a club of which he was a supporter: “ At the time, few players were able to arrive from the reserve, play as a first team and then settle down. I was super proud of it. It was a way for me to thank PSG for the opportunity given. But the choice was quite simple when I wanted to leave Paris. For me, it was Marseille, the only French club I supported. And I wanted to stay in France. The club corresponded to my mentality, my DNA. When you have a childhood dream and you have the possibility of realizing it, you don’t think twice about it. I remained a supporter of all the clubs in which I played, but the club in which you grew up, you have it a little in the blood. You don’t force yourself to make the effort, to ensure that the adventure goes well. With people, it happened in an extraordinary way. I was adopted quite quickly by this city and its people who have this passion for football

Under the Marseille colors (2005-2009), Lorik Cana played 175 games for 8 goals and 9 assists. Sunday, as a family, he “will support OM, of course“.

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