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Canada agrees to join the investigation of the air disaster in which the governor of Puebla died | International

Canada is the first country that has supported the call of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to researchers from other countries to join the investigation of the helicopter accident in which the governor of Puebla, Martha Érika Alonso, her husband and former governor, died of the State, Rafael Moreno Valle, the two pilots and an assistant of him. The announcement, made by the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection this Wednesday night, supposes an accolade to the request of help of the Mexican president to other countries to avoid any type of suspicion on the independence of the inquiries.

This Thursday, two experts from the Canadian Transport Safety Council (TSB) will join the Mexican researchers and those who have already sent the manufacturers of the fuselage and the turbines of the wreckage, produced, respectively, in Italy. and Canada. Faced with the demands of the National Action Party (PAN, right), to which the deceased couple belonged, that the investigation be independent and that it be done "clearly and promptly", as expressed by its national leader, Marko Cortés, the Government has reiterated again and again your commitment to know the whole truth about the accident. In this way, the Executive of López Obrador (Morena, left) wants to silence the accusations launched these days on social networks, which question the still scant official information about the accident despite the fact that there is no evidence of any voluntariness in the event. Suspicions to which were added on Tuesday afternoon several hundred PAN supporters who came to Puebla to the funeral. The assistants shouted in unison "assassins" and "justice" when the secretary (minister) of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, joined the ceremony. The most resounding in the federal Executive was the Secretary of Communications and Transport, Javier Jiménez Espriú in his first public appearance, when only a few hours had passed since the fatality: "We can not speculate in any way that it is anything other than what it apparently is today: a failure in the device." The investigations, which began Tuesday afternoon, have ruled out explosives on board.

The presence of Sánchez Cordero at the funeral was accompanied by boos and shouts against Morena, something that the Mexican president has referred to in his usual press conference on Wednesday. "There was yesterday an environment that they created on purpose the usual conservatives. Not all, but a minority, who act very petty, "responded López Obrador in his daily appearance. "I do not want to generalize, but there is a group that, in social networks, began to talk about the responsibility of the Government that I represent, to create such an environment. That is why there were also expressions of protest in the act that was made in Puebla, against the Secretary of Government. In order not to play with these provocateurs, I decided to act in a prudent manner and not fall into any provocation. They are neo-fascist groups that are very angry about the triumph of our movement and try to stain us, to affect us. But they will not achieve it because most Mexicans are very aware of what is happening and are not susceptible to manipulation. " "From the moment I received the information, I made it public and I am committed to carry out a thorough investigation and not hide anything about the causes of this tragedy," said the Mexican president.

Who will not be able to join, at least for the time being, the investigation will be the United States, despite the fact that the Mexican Executive had expressly requested their wish to add Washington to the work. The closure of the US Administration, which began last Friday after the struggle between Democrats and Republicans over the wall with Mexico, prevents that, in the short term, the agency specialized in accident investigation of the North American country participates side by side with the researchers of the United States. Latin American country.

After the non-US, the Mexican government announced on Tuesday that it will also request assistance from Canada and several European countries. The Government of Justin Trudeau, a traditional partner of Mexico – both nations are united, in addition to geography, its presence in the largest free trade agreement in the world, the newly renovated T-MEC – has been the first to give the yes . It remains to be seen how many countries finally end up collaborating to clarify what happened in Puebla.



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