Canadá: Do cows like potatoes? Inflation is causing one Canadian farmer to find out

North Am. 23/06/2022

The dairy farmer and his son, Ward, used to feed their
Holstein cows dry corn grown on their farm, where they also harvest hay,
soybean and winter wheat.

But seeing rising prices, Lieven began feeding his cows
potatoes. Spuds have the same amount of starch, a feed consultant told them, and
could save the family big time. Corn costs about $400 per metric tonne — while
potato cost less than $50. Though Lieven needed five kilograms of potatoes to
replace every kilogram of corn, he said it still came out to about half the

And the cows don’t seem to mind. “They love it,” Lieven
said. “They eat them like apples,” Ward chimes in.

Max Hansgen, Ontario co-ordinator for the National Farmers
Union, said farmers are being hit by rising costs in three major areas:
production (which includes fertilizer, pesticide, etc.); transportation
(including fuel costs); and labour, which he says is facing intense competition
as Canada sees record low unemployment.

Source: Toronto Star. Read the full story here

Photo: Credit and courtesy Toronto Star