Canada Reports First Zero Corona Deaths Since March


Canada reported zero deaths from the Corona COVID-19 virus in the past 24 hours for the first time since March 15. The data was released by the public health agency which was released Friday night (11/09/2020).

Quoted from page Reuters, data shows the death toll in Canada as a result of the Corona pandemic reached 9,163 on September 11, the same as the number of deaths reported on September 10. But the number of positive cases of Corona rose by 702 from the previous day to 135,626 on September 11.

By relaxing restrictions or lockdowns in most provinces and opening face-to-face schools, Corona Canada’s infections have only increased slightly in recent days.

Canada’s situation looks relatively healthy compared to its southern neighbors. Across the border in the United States, more than 190,000 people have died from the pandemic and more than 6.38 million people have been infected.

Canada’s experience in dealing with the SARS outbreak a few years ago is said to be helping health officials to be better prepared. SARS killed 44 people in Canada, and the only country outside Asia to report deaths from the outbreak in 2002-2003.

Canada’s first recorded case of the Corona virus was in Toronto, on January 25. Neither Ontario or the country’s most populous province, and neighboring Quebec are turning into hotspots for COVID-19 infections.

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