Canada Wildfires: Uncontrolled Blaze Forces Evacuation of 20,000, Affects Air Quality, and Destroys Forests

The uncontrolled advance of the fire caused the evacuation of more than 20,000 inhabitants and is affecting air quality.

Smoke rising from the Donnie Creek Complex wildfire south of Fort Nelson. Photo: Reuters

In Canada wildfires destroy forests. This Monday they were detected 413 active spotlights and through a press conference the country’s authorities warned that due to climate change affecting the planet, one of the worst seasons is expected.

The country is registering a large number of these catastrophes that are unusual for the time of year, according to Canadian government data. So far this year there have been 2,214 fires that consumed more than 3 million hectares of forestaccording to the Ministry of Natural Resources.Firefighter fighting the fire in Nova Scotia.  Photo: ReutersFirefighter fighting the fire in Nova Scotia. Photo: Reuters.

The prime minister of the country, Justin Trudeaudescribed the situation as “terrifying” and warned that “this summer could be a particularly serious fire season.” Due to the current burning, 26,206 people were evacuated from their homes.

However, the Canadian head of government called for calm and assured that he has backup plans in case the situation worsens, which include ask for international help to face the fire.

The most critical areas

The province most affected by the fires is Quebecwhere 160 spotlights burn out of control. This catastrophe is affecting air quality of the region that is sunk in the smoke of the fire.

This Monday, faced with the critical situation, the prime minister of the province, Francois Legault He recommended that the inhabitants close their sales and avoid physical activities outside, so as not to inhale particles from the air. In addition, he focused on the special care of people suffering from respiratory problems.Forest fire burns around East Prairie Metis Settlement, Alberta.  Photo: ReutersFuego alrededor de East Prairie Metis Settlement, Alberta. Foto: Reuters.

In the zone of Alberta, the fire consumed more than 1 million hectares of forest, while in the western provinces of the country such as British Columbia and Albertathe situation improved thanks to the weather conditions, the fires are also affecting the air quality.

On the other hand, in New Scotland the fire could be controlled by firefighters and prevented from reaching Halifax, the largest city in the region.