Juliana Dune is accredited by the Canadian Government, a member with full powers of the Council regulations in the field of emigration, Canada (IF you are). Iuliana Dune (38 years old) has obtained in 2013 the diploma of legal Adviser and a Specialist in Immigration, provided by Ashton College, Vancouver. Iuliana Dune is several years director of Usha Immigration.

as stated in a press conference Ahmed Hussen, the canadian minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, “one of the strongest pillars of success of immigration in Canada is to obtain citizenship, to become part of the family canadian. The government encourages all immigrants to apply for citizenship, to benefit from all the advantages that canadian citizens”. It must be said that minister Ahmed Hussen, a somali origin, was received from Canada as a refugee at the age of 16 years.

“According to the new regulations, a person wishing to become a canadian citizen must live in Canada for 3 years and not 4 years as provided by the previous law”, explains, for “the Truth”, Iuliana Dune. Until October 11.c., citizenship law canadian required permanent residents to be present on canadian territory for four consecutive years in the six years preceding the application for the passport, but the new rules drop that requirement to three consecutive years out of five, for which the resident permanently you will also need to file a tax return.

Juliana Dune also notes that “those who have had temporary residency prior to obtaining permanent residency, and here we remember those who have had for example work permit, you can take into account a year of residency temporary. Thus, those who have less than 3 years of permanent residence can apply for citizenship if you have previously had one year temporary residency”.

A very important change brought to the Law on citizenship, the canadian is the one related to the English test. “If up until now, immigrants with age until 64 years of age had to pass an English language test, according to the new law, only people aged between 18 and 54 years of age must take the test of English language”, says Iuliana Dune.

the Number of requests for canadian citizenship has declined significantly in the last three years and because the canadian Government has increased the fees required for document processing.

In the case of adults, the fee for citizenship is $ 630 canadian, and for minors is 100 $ and the passport costs $ 160 for 10 years, 120 on the 5 years and $ 57 for children between 0-15 years.

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